Our Aims

Our good friend Jimmy introduced us to the works of the BGS (Brussels Gay Sports) group and some of us have taken part in their tournaments. We can but dream that one day we will be as successful as that organisation.


Much as we copied Chongwei’s ideas for setting up a social badminton group and for organising friendly but fun tournaments, we have also shamelessly adopted the aims and ideals of the BGS.


Here is the ‘credo’ of BGS


Our credo and benefits


We believe that the practise of sport is an essential element in the personal and social development of homosexuals.


We are not looking to shut ourselves in a ghetto! We want to enable those who feel intimidated by the sometimes 'macho' world of sport and who wish to practise sport, to be able to do so in a friendly, accepting environment.


Clearly you are free to stay or, at anytime, to pursue your sporting interests elsewhere.


By doing so hetero sports pople may discover aspects of homos that they had not even suspected. They may be surprised that homosexuals have the same sporting abilities and develop them in the same way as heterosexuals do, that homosexuals are indistinguishable as such on the field, in the changing rooms and in the clubs.


Our activities allow everyone to participate at their own level. You do not have to be 'the best' in order to take part. Participation, personal development and the enjoyment of that, is what we hope that the BGS will give to you.


Another purpose of the BGS is to provide a space where the sexes can meet in a totally different atmosphere from the usual homosexual meeting places. Sport provides the environment whereby people of both sexes can meet and discover in each other the richness and diversity of humanity, broadening our vision of life.


Sport is by its nature an activity that develops and opens our spirits. Even if this openness can be subverted by competition it is up to us to guard against this and to reMayn open to others.


This is the credo of the BGS and what we hope you will find as benefits of being a member of BGS